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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Captain Cook to———.*

Captain Cook to———.*

Mile End, Thursday morning,14 March [1776]



Their Lordships have given me an order to provide all the articles intended to be put on board the Resolution and Discovery as presents, &c., to the different nations we may meet with, but as those under mentioned were before provided by Mr. Boulton, I shall not purchas them till I receive further instructions from page 126 you. I apprehend there is yet time enough to get these articles from Birmingham. I most sincerely wish you a better state of health, and am, &c.,Jam's Cook.

Resolution. Discovery.
Carpenters' adzes 12 in No. 6 in No.
Axes of sorts 200 No. 120 No.
Broad axes 40 No. 24 No.
Hatchets 300 No. 200 No.
Spike nails of sorts 500 cwt. 300 cwt.
Nail, 40d. and upwards 500 cwt. 250 cwt.

N.B.—Some other articles were provided by Mr. Boulton before, but as they were not much wanting, the quantity is greatly reduced, and some articles wholy rejected.

* Evidently to Secretary Stephens.