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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Captain Cook to Secretary Stephens

Captain Cook to Secretary Stephens.

6 March, 1776.



I take the liberty to send you the inclosed account, that, if it meets with their Lordships' approbation, the necessary orders may be given to provide the several articles therein mentioned, or such others as they may think more proper.

I am, &c.


Jam's Cook

page 125


An account of sundry articles necessary to be provided and put on board the Resolution and Discovery, in the proportions therein mentioned, in order to exchange for refreshments with the natives of such unfrequented countries as they may touch at, or to be distributed to them in presents towards obtaining their friendship, &c.
Resolution. Discovery.
Carpenters' adzes with helves in bundle 12 in No. 6
Axes of sorts with helves in bundle 200 120
Broad axes with helves in bundle 40 24
Hatchets with helves in bundle 300 200
Spike nails of sorts 500 wt. 300 wt.
Nails 40d. and upwards 500 wt. 250 wt.
Chizzels 12 in No. 6
Saws 12 8
Files of sorts 6 dozn. 3 dozn.
Knives, common 24 dozn. 14 dozn.
Scissars 2 do. 1 do.
Small glass and metal buttons 6 do. 3 do.
Combs, small tooth 4 do. 3 do.
Do. large do. 20 do. 12 do.
Looking-glasses with frames 12 do. 8 do.
Beads in sorts £16 worth £9 worth
Old shirts, not patched 3 dozn. 2 dozn.
Red baize 220 yards 120 yards
Old cloathes £5 worth £3 worth
Fine old sheets 20 No. 12 No.
Kettles or potts 24 16
Hammers with helves 1 dozn. 1 dozn.
Carpenters' planes, with two trous to each 12 6
Fish hooks 20 dozn. 12 dozn.
Knives, long 4 do. 2 do.
Small shott 8 cwt. 5 cwt.
Ribband to string some medals which remain 20 dozn. yards

A pair of Fearnought trowsers and a jacket for each man, and four or five Warm clothing, good watch-coats to each ship.

Jam's Cook