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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Captain Cook to Secretary Stephens

Captain Cook to Secretary Stephens.

Resolution, at Deptford,29 February, 1776.



It is well known that the crews of his Majesty's sloops the Resolution and Adventure, during their late voyage, received great benefit from the sour krout and malt they were supply'd with, and also by being supplyed with wheat in lieu of oatmeal, and sugar in lieu of oil. Please to move my Lords Commiss'rs of the Admiralty to order the Victualling Board to supply the Resolution and Discovery with these articles in the same proportion, and also with such a quantity of salt as may be thought necessary to preserve such fresh meat or fish they may chance to meet with. And whereas from the experiments which have been made of inspissated juice of wort, there is great reason to beleive it might be so prepared as to become a very usefull article at sea. Please also to move their Lordships to order some to be prepared and put on board the sloops for experiments.

I am, &c.


Jam's Cook