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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Captain Cook to Captain John Walker.†

Captain Cook to Captain John Walker.

6, Mile End, London, 14 February, 1776.

Dear Sir,—

I should have answered your last favour sooner, but waited to know whether I should go to Greenwich Hospital or the South Sea. The latter is now fixed upon. I expect to be ready to sail about the latter end of Ap'l with my old ship the Resolution, and the Discovery, the ship lately purchased of Mrs. Herbert. I know not what your opinion may be on this step I have taken. It is certain I have quitted an easy retirement for an active and perhaps dangerous voyage. My present disposition is more favourable to the latter than the former, and I imbark on as fair a prospect as I can wish. If I am fortunate enough to get safe home there's no doubt but it will be greatly to my advantage.

My best respects to all your family, and if any of them comes this way I shall be glad to See them at Mile End, where they will meet with a hearty welcome from

Yours, &c.,

Jam's Cook.

page 123

John Walker, one of the two Quaker merchant brothers of Whitby, owners of the ship in which Cook seryed his apprenticeship. The tone of this letter clearly indicates that Cook, his successes notwithstanding, retained both respect and affection for his old master.