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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Captain Cook to Secretary Stephens

Captain Cook to Secretary Stephens.

18 September, 1775.


I found it necessary, while we were in the high southern latitudes, to order an additional half-allowance of spirit to be served to each man per day, and an allowance of wheat to be boiled every Monday for breakfast, besides the usual allowance for dinner, in order the better to enable them to endure the cold and hardships they there underwent. I also caused wheat, with portable soup and vegetables, to be boiled every morning for breakfast whenever the latter was to be got, as will more page 119 fully appear by the enclosed vouchers, which I beg you will be pleased to lay before their Lordships, and move them to order these over-issues to be allowed me on my victualling account.

I am, &c.,

Jam's Cook.