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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Captain Cook to Mr. Banks (Banks Papers)

Captain Cook to Mr. Banks (Banks Papers).

Resolution, Cape of Good Hope,
18 November, 1772.

Dear Sir,—

Some cross circumstances which happened at the latter part of the equipment of the Resolution created, I have reason page 114 to think, a coolness betwixt you and I, but I can by no means think it was sufficient to me to break of all corrispondance with a man I am under many obligations too.

I wish I had something intresting to communicate, but our passage here has rather been barren on that head. We touch' at St. Jago, where we remain'd two days, and Mr. Forster got some things there new in your way. Mr. Brand [Brandt] has got for you a fine collection, as I am told. I depart from hence in a day or two well stored with every necessary thing; but I am told the French from the Mauritius have got the start of me. bout eight months ago two ships from that island discovered land in the latitude of 48°, and about the meridian of the Mauritius, along which they sail'd 48 miles till they came to a bay, into which they were about to enter when they were seperated and drove off the coast by a gale of wind. The one got to the Mauritius soon after, and the other is since arrived from Batavia with a cargo of arrack, as the report goes here. Also, in March last, two frigates from the same island touched here in their way to the South Sea, having on board the man Bougainvill brought from Otahiete, and who died before the ships departed from hence, a circumstance I am realy sorry for. These ships were to touch some were on the coast of America, and afterwards to proceed round Cape Horn. I am in your debt for the pickled and dryed salmon which you left on board, which a little time ago was most excellant; but the eight casks of pickled salted fish I kept for myself proved so bad that even the hoggs would not eat it. These hints may be of use to you in providing for your intinded expeditation, in which I wish you all the success you can wish your self, and am, with great esteem and respect,

Yours, &c.,

Jam's Cook.