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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.



An Account of the State and Condition of his Majesty's bark the Endeavour, Lieutenant Cook, commander, at Deptford, this 29th of June, 1768:—

70 complement. Provisions on board for the compl't at whole allowance.
70 borne.
68 mustered. Days. — 547 bread, 28 beef, 335 brandy, rum, wine.
1 mid'man. Chequed, and why absint.
without leave Chequed, and why absint. Weeks.—78 beef, 78 pork, 78 pease, 78 oatmeal, 12 butter, 12 cheese, 66 oyle, 78 vinegar.
with leave Chequed, and why absint.
on board Sick.
1 on shore Sick. Officers.
hospital ship Sick.
16 officers and servants Of the number borne. Part all paid. Boats'n, gunner, carpenter. Stores wanting.
54 petty and able ord. Of the number borne. Part all paid. Absant.
landsmen Of the number borne. Occasion.
number short of complement Of the number borne. Condition of the Ship
Super'y. Fitting for sea.
When last Cleaned.
20th May, 1768.