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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Resolution of the Governor-General and Councillors on the Eve of Tasman's Departure

Resolution of the Governor-General and Councillors on the Eve of Tasman's Departure.

Wednesday, August 13, 1642.

The ship “Heemskerck” and the flute “Zeehaen,” according to the resolution of the first of this month destined for the unknown south and east lands, via the Island of Mauritius, being now ready for departure, having taken on board their victuals, provisions, necessaries, and whatever more is wanted for this expedition, together with the necessaries for Mauritius itself; item, the instructions for the leaders of this voyage, drafted by the Hon. Justus Schouten, Councillor-extraordinary of India, together with the missive addressed to Commander Adriaen vander Stel in the said Island of Mauritius, and duly amplified by the Secretary of this assembly in accordance with the suggestions of the Governor-General, being drawn up in due form and now ready to be handed to the parties concerned; item, the other documents required for the said voyage being also ready; all of them having been properly examined by this council and ratified by our signatures.

It has been unanimously resolved to let the discoverers aforesaid set sail in the name of God early to-morrow after due muster, to take their course from here to Mauritius, and thence to the southward. To this end the Hon. Schouten and the Secretary aforesaid are hereby deputed to install on board the Hon. Abel Janssen Tasman as commander of these two ships, and at the same time to make promise to the officers and the page 18 crews of the two ships alike that we shall, on their return, honourably reward them all for their good services in discovering and exploring important coasts or useful routes or passages.

* * * *

Thus resolved and determined in the castle of Batavia, datum ut supra.


Antonio Van Diemen


Cornelis Vander Lijn


Joan Maetsuijcker


Justus Schouten


Salomon Sweers


Cornelis Witsen


Pieter Boreel

, and

Pieter Mestdagh