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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

[Governors' Instructions]

All continents and islands which you shall discover, touch at, and set foot on you will take possession of on behalf of Their High Mightinesses the States General of the United Provinces, the which in uninhabited regions or in such countries as have no sovereign may be done by erecting a memorial-stone or by planting our Prince-flag in sign of actual occupation, seeing that such lands justly belong to the discoverer and first occupier; but in populated regions, or in such as have undoubted lords, the consent of the people or the king will be required before you can enter into possession of them, the which you should try to obtain by friendly persuasion and by presenting them with some small tree planted in a little earth, by erecting some stone structure in conjunction with the people, or by setting up the Prince-flag in commemeration of their voluntary assent or submission; all which occurrences you will carefully note in your journal, mentioning by name such persons as have been present at them, that such record may in future be of service to our republic.

Given at Batavia, date as above.

In the name of the Hon'ble Governor-General and Councillors of India.


Justus Schouten.