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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Depositions of G. D. Browne

Depositions of G. D. Browne.

Gordon Davies Browne, of Sydney, being duly sworn, on his oath saith.

I have been informed and believe that the Brig Elizabeth, Stewart, Master, was chartered by Mr. Thomas Street to proceed to New Zealand for flax with Mr. Cowell as interpreter.

They were for some time unsuccessful, but on arriving at Entry Island (Kafute) in Cook's Straits, they entered into the following agreement with one of the principal chiefs, called the Rauparaha, of that place, for a cargo. That they should convey the Rauparaha and a party of his warriors to Banks Peninsula on the east side of the Middle Island, for the purpose of capturing the chief called the Maitraranui,* of that District, bring them back to Entry Island, when they would receive a quantity of flax in payment.

The Rauparaha and his men embarked accordingly. On arriving at Bank's Peninsula they lay concealed in the hold of the vessel until the Matraranui (the chief they were in search of) and a number of his tribe had come on board unarmed, as is usual with them when visiting European vessels for the purpose of trade. They then rushed out upon these unsuspecting and defenceless visitors, and seized upon the Matraranui and several others, the rest escaping to the shore.

The Elizabeth carried them back to Entry Island, where the prisoners were taken on shore and shot. She then received her payment and has returned with it to this port.

Gordon D. Browne.

Sworn this 5th February, 1831

F. Rossi J.P.

P. Superintend of Police.

* Tamaiharanui.