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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

King's Proctor to the Lords of the Treasury

King's Proctor to the Lords of the Treasury.

To the Right Honourable
The Lords Commissioners
of His Majesty's Treasury.

May it please your Lordships

I was duly honored with Mr. Stewart's letter of the 14th October last transmitting by Your Lordships Commands a page 596 letter from Lord Howick dated the 27th of the preceding month of September enclosing the copy of a Despatch from the Governor of New South Wales stating that atrocities of a most sanguinary nature had been committed at New Zealand by certain Natives of one Island against those of another at the instigation of the Crew of a British Merchant Vessel and suggesting certain measures for the protection of the lives and properties of the British subjects residing in New Zealand as well as the very valuable Trade of those Islands. Mr. Stewart also transmits a copy of Your Lordship's Minute thereon of the 30th of the said month of October for my information and guidance. Upon perusal of the Minute it appeared that Your Lordships had been pleased to refer Governor Darling's Letter and Enclosures to me for any suggestions I might have to offer with a view to bringing to Justice Captain Stewart of the Elizabeth and any other person who may have been principally concerned in the atrocious crimes of which they are accused and that it was Your Lordship's pleasure that I should attend at Lord Howick's Office for the purpose of inspecting such other papers relating to these atrocities as Lord Goderich might permit me to examine. And I do most humbly report that having attended at his Lordship's office accordingly I was permitted to peruse the whole of the Papers relating to this subject, the substance of which together with that of the several Documents referred by Your Lordships were stated in a case which I submitted to the consideration of His Majesty's Advocate General and subsequently at his suggestion and with the concurrence of Mr. Stewart to His Majesty's Attorney & Solicitor General. And I have now the honour to transmit for Your Lordship's Information A copy of such case and of the opinion of His Majesty's Advocate and Attorney and Solicitor General thereon.

All of which I do most humbly submit to Your Lordships Wisdom.


Doctors Commons
5 December, 1831.