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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

The Treasury, London, to the Secretary of State

The Treasury, London, to the Secretary of State.

Treasury Chambers
3rd October, 1831.

My Lord


I am commanded by the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury to acknowledge the receipt of your Lordship's Letter of the 27th Ultimo transmitting the Copy of a Despatch from Lt General Darling, Governor of New South Wales, respecting the misconduct of Captn Stewart and the Crew of the Brig Elizabeth at New Zealand, by whose means atrocities of a most sanguinary nature have been committed by the Natives of one Island against those of another.… My Lords cannot refrain from expressing their strong sense of the importance of all possible means being employed for bringing to justice Captn Stewart of the Elizabeth and any other Persons who may have been principally concerned in the atrocious Crimes of which they are accused. My Lords are surprised that Govr Darling should have been unable to obtain sufficient evidence of all the facts of the Case when the Crew of the Elizabeth were at Sydney for putting the principal portion on their trial, and my Lords cannot but remark on the Governor's Statement that the matter “has lain over to the present time,” from which expression it would appear that every exertion to bring the accused to justice had not been employed. My Lords have, however, no doubt that the Governor has been directed by Viscount Goderich to leave no exertion untried for the purpose of obtaining Evidence, and bringing the Chief offenders to justice, and my Lords will refer Governor Darling's letter to the King's Proctor for any suggestions he may have to offer with a view to the same object, and as it appears by the said letter that other Documents relating to these atrocities have been received at the Secretary of State's Office My Lords will direct the King's Proctor to attend at his Lordship's office for the purpose of inspecting such Papers as Lord Goderich may be pleased to permit him to examine.

I am

My Lord

Your Obedient Servant

J. Stewart