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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Opinion of W. H. Moore

Opinion of W. H. Moore.

George Street, Sydney,
7th February, 1831.



I have read over the depositions respecting the transactions said to have taken place at New Zealand between the Master and Officers of the vessel Elizabeth, and the natives of that place, and I think they do not disclose a sufficient body of facts to warrant a commitment of any of the parties by the Magistrates. I have also very great doubt (notwithstanding the atrocity of conduct of the parties concerned) whether any offence has been committed which is cognizable by the Common Law of England. If there had been, the clause alluded to in the Act of 9 Geo 4th. cap. 83 would certainly reach it.

I have, etc.

W. H. Moore.

The Hnble
Colonial Secretary.