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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

November 8th

November 8th.

On the 8th at noon our Lat. by observatn. was 36° 48′ S Long. 178°. .07′ East East Cape South about 40 miles, Barometer continuing to act very well being now 29.15 & Blowing a strong Gale from the W.S.W. I was much surprised to hear from Mr. Hansen whilst laying at New Zealand that although there are several Missionaries both of the established church and of the Wesleyan persuasion they refuse to educate the children of the White Settlers, their excuse being that they were sent out to instruct the Heathen only; Mr. H. has a very large family, and if this be strictly true, it is an extremely hard case, but I merely repeat the words of Mr. H. for altho' there were two Missionaries settled at the small village already mentioned, page 557 neither of them had the politeness to hold the least communication with me.