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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

December 22nd

December 22nd.

22nd Saw the Bounty Rocks at 9.30 sent the boats on shore at 11 saw the Cutter to the Southd. at Noon the Centre of the Rocks bore W.B.S. about 1 ½ Miles. They are 8 or 9 in number. Our Lat. 47° 49′ So. Long. 178° 26′ 0″, East by Good observations which places them in 47° 50′ S. Long. 178° ..25′ East (erroneously laid down 47° 35′ S. Long. 179° ..06′ East. At 2 p.m. spoke the Cutter found she had not met with any accident. The Boats returned having seen only 5 seal on one of the Rocks which they could not approach on account of the Swell, but they found on landing on one of the Rocks a Hut the roof of which was formed of the Skins and Wings of Birds, a baking dish, a Water Cask, a Bottle half filled with oil, some pieces of fire wood an Irish (provision) Cask & other things which clearly proved that Europeans had been recently there. The tops of the Rocks were covered with Penguins, Gulls & other Birds. The Weather was now very clear and had any land been within 30 Miles we must have seen it. I now determined to proceed directly to the Southward.