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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

December, 16th

December, 16th.

On the 16th & 17th we had strong gales from the W.N.W. & W. P.M. lost sight of the Cutter the Weather very thick; page 561 on the 19th Weather still continuing thick with a brisk Gale from the Eastward and heavy swell—& many Penguins & much Kelp about us I imagined myself close on the Islands: but as I had not had an observation for 3 days, could not be certain of my position. At noon I had run into Lat. & Long, of Bounty Islands, but as no land was in sight, concluded they were not correctly laid down. P.M. The wind strong from the Eastward with a heavy Swell, I haul'd out to the S.E. and at 8 p.m. the Water appearing discoloured I sounded & found bottom about 70 fathoms, sand & shells wore to the Northward the Swell running very high, and the Wind becoming light. So that we made considerable drift, we passed a fatiguing and unpleasant night Sounding in from 100 to 65 fathoms, and not being able to see more than a Cable's length in any direction. On the 20th strong Easterly Gales with much rain & thick Weather. Soundings fm 60 to 100 fathoms carrying a press of Sail to the Eastward as the Bank shoals to the S.W. The Penguins all this time were very thick, and considerable quantities of Kelp about, and as this Bank is of considerable Extent and Soundings regular I was in hopes to find some large Island.