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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

December 2nd

December 2nd.

The Wind N.W. and having good shelter from N. to S.B.E. sandy bottom, consequently bad holding ground, & open to all the Easterly Winds, having only a bad shelter from the Small Island which bore S.E. about 4 Miles with Reefs above Water & below in every direction as far as the eye could reach, but as from the Sample we had got from the 44° Rocks there was every appearance of finding Seal I determined to search page 560 well there for them. I immediately sent all the boats away on the small Island, and observed Some Pigs and shot one Sow which in all probability had been brought here from Chatham Island by the Natives, and to my great surprise saw a large Black Cat, I likewise shot some very large white & blue pigeon. Mr. Fell found some Canoes haul'd up on the large Island but we found not a single Seal upon any of the Rocks near these Islands—Altho' no place could be better adapted for their Gathering. On the 3rd and 4th it blew a strong gale from W.N.W. to W.S.W. these Islands abound in Fern root & Flax which grows spontaneously in almost every part of them, But I found great difficulty in procuring a small quantity for the Pigs on account of the heavy Surf which continually breaks on the Beach & Rocks. I found in one of these Excursions the wreck of & small Vessel of about 100 tons built of a Kind Cedar & iron-fastened, and as a vessel from Sidney some years ago was lost here called the Glory* it may very probably be the same. On the 6th being disappointed here—I weighed and made sail to the Northward not thinking it prudent to risk finding a passage to the Southward and had some difficulty in working out, the Weather being thick and the Wind from the Northward we were obliged to keep Chatham Island on board and go chiefly by the Lead.

* A sealer lost on Pitts Island on 15th January, 1827.