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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

November 25th

November 25th.

Thick weather. The Wind Easterly. Barometer very low (29.15) stood to the Northward, it not being safe to make a lee shore of Chatham Island, there being many reefs laid down on the chart. On the 26th the Weather still continuing thick, Wind S.S.E. I determined to bear up and go round the west side of the Island and look at the Sister Rocks in the Way. The Lat. by D.R. at noon was 43° .34′ S. Longit. calculated from the last bearings of the land 176° ..00′ West No observations worth anything for the chronometers for many days. At 4 p.m. saw the Cutter standing to the Eastward. At 8 the Cutter joined Company. Mr. Avery inform'd me that his Boat had been at some Rocks a few days before where there were many Seals, in consequence of which I hauled to the Eastward. On the 28 we again made the 44° Rocks and found them to be the same Mr. Avery's boat had been at before, but in consequence of the heavy swell they could not now land, and the Weather appearing more favourable. I now stood towards the Cornwallis Islands,* but the Weather again became thick with a strong N.W. Wind and obliged me to haul out again to the northward which continued all the 30th.

* So called because sighted from H.M.S. “Cornwallis” on 16th May, 1807.