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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

October 10th, 1831

October 10th, 1831.

I intended to have gone through Decastreaux Channel understanding it to be a convenient & safe place for wooding, &c., but the wind coming directly out of the entrance thought it most advisable to save time by anchoring in our old quarters, Bull Bay, and at about 4 p.m. brought up well sheltered by the Point to the S.E. and commenced operations.

On the 12th in the Morning having cut as much wood as could be conveniently stowd away, weighed and stood out to Sea, and being in hopes of falling in with some sperm whale along shore, kept near the Coast for that purpose.

On the 15th it blew a strong gale from the Northward which shifted round W. & W.S.W. until the night of the 17th the Bar appearing to behave very well. I now determined to pass round the North Cape of New Zealand, the Season for sperm whale coming on on that Coast, and not seeing anything here, and besides having a chance of procuring refreshments from that Island, our salt provisions being of the first consequence (should we not succeed in falling in with anything in passing round) for the remainder of our voyage. But from this time until the 30th the Weather has been so very unsettled almost continually blowing too strong to lower a Boat, that had we seen any Fish we could not have taken advantage of it.