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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Records Relating to King's Visit. &c

Records Relating to King's Visit. &c.

In the Petherick Collection in Melbourne, is a manuscript Journal of Philip Gidley King while Lieutenaut-Governor of Norfolk Island. The Journal commences with King's arrival at Port Jackson on board H.M.S. “Gorgon,” on 21st September. 1791, and ends on 5th May, 1797, with his return to England. The more detailed references close on 18th October, 1796, at Norfolk Island, when King was ready to embark on board the “Britannia.” The Journal is neatly written by successive clerks, and was revised by King himself, who, with his own hand, inserted revisions and interlineations, and wrote the final portion of the Journal.

A perusal of the manuscript has satisfied the Editor that it was from this Journal that Collins added those many references to King's connection with New Zealand which characterize his great work. The reproduction of the originals here will enable them to be perused by the reader exactly as they were recorded by King.

Dealing with the King Records here referred to, Vol. I of these Records may be consulted as follows: “Treatment of flax by New-Zealanders,” pp. 120, 126, 138, 140, 153, 168, 169, 182, 183, 215; “King's visit to New Zealand,” pp. 169–177, 179, 180, 183–187, 189–194, 201; “Wreck of the ‘Endeavour,’” pp. 203–205; “The ‘Fancy’ at Norfolk Island,” pp. 197 and 198.