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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Records Relating to Bampton's Visit

page 518

Records Relating to Bampton's Visit

Captain Bampton commanded the “Endeavour,” which visited Sydney in 1795, and while there, Mr. Robert Murry, fourth officer on board the “Britannia,” which was lying at the Sydney wharves at the same time, accepted service under him. The “Endeavour” shortly afterwards sailed for New Zealand, and left her bones in Facile Cove, Dusky Sound—the first recorded wreck on the New Zealand coast. Records dealing with this celebrated craft will be found in Vol. i, pp. 197 to 205, 219, 242, and 245. In addition, her story is on record in “A Short History of New South Wales,” by Collins; “Derelict Ship in Facile Harbour, Dusky Sound,” by Hocken (Trans. of N.Z. Inst., Vol. xx, p. 422); “Murihiku and the Southern Islands,” by McNab (pp. 57 to 68, and 329 to 349); and “Murihiku,” by the same author (pp. 111 to 123).

Murry's manuscript Journal, which is here reproduced so far as it relates to Bampton's visit, was found by the Editor when searching the Manuscript Department of the Essex Institute, Salem, Mass., U.S.A. This officer took with him his Journal when he left the “Britannia,” and, when he was afterwards put in charge of the “Providence” (which was built at Dusky), adopted the same procedure, with the result that his Journals on board all three vessels are in one volume.