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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.

Their Language

Their Language.

Not having had time to make a thorough study of their language, I can only set down a few words, the only words of which we have understood the meaning.

New Zealand. French. English.*
Matté tué killed.
Yca poisson fish.
Tavay de l'eau water (some water).
Cay patates sweet potatoes.
Pipi coquillage shellfish.
Cammée vêtement garment.
Matao hamecon fish-hook; hamecon also signifies bait.
Ajopo demain to-morrow.
Terra la-bas down there; below.
Aenee femme woman.
Toumanou homme man.
Quinos ennemi the enemy.
Mimy pisser to make water; to urinate.
Carreca bon good.
Mannou oiseau bird.
Courry chien dog.

* The English words are supplied by the Translator.

page 481
New Zealand. French. English.*
Cayore il n'y a pas there is not; no.
Joquy leur ciseau de pierre their stone chisel.
Yeremay viens à moi come here; come to me.
Avac pirogue canoe.
Pays amis friends.
Taro manger to eat.
Tapon fusil gun.

* The English words are supplied by the Translator.