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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.



Game is not wanting to provide them with a source of food. They use bowstrings as a rule, but, besides these, have a short spear made out of a fern-branch, at the end of which a fish-bone from the tail of the ray or skate is fixed. Thus armed, they glide through the forest as quietly as possible and surprise the birds as they sit on the branches of the trees.

page 479

All the game we saw in New Zealand was winged, and consists of wild duck, snipe, quail, ringdove, pigeons, blue pigeons, and several other kinds of birds. Parrots of every shade of colour are also to be seen, and there is an abundance of sea-fowl. We did not see a single wild animal, nor, indeed, any other quadrupeds except dogs and rats. I can credit New Zealand with possessing the precious advantage of having no venomous animal.