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Historical Records of New Zealand



Navy Office, 15th February, 1821.

Sir, —

We transmit herewith, for the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, copies of two letters from Mr. Skinner, master commanding His M’s. Naval Store Ship Dromedary, dated Bay of Islands, New Zealand, 19th April, 1820, detailing the particular circumstances attending his detention of the American ship General Gates, whose captain enticed and entered on board her as seamen several convicts from New South Wales, and which had induced Mr. Skinner to send the General Gates to Port Jackson, to be delivered up to the Governor of the colony, leaving all farther proceedings to his discretion.

We are, &c.,

Rt. Seppings.J. D. Thomson.J. Bowen.

J. W. Croker, Esqr.