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Historical Records of New Zealand

Missionaries to Earl Bathurst

page 531

Missionaries to Earl Bathurst.

Wesleyan Mission House, 77 Hatton Garden, 23d. March, 1821.

May it please Your Lordship.

We take the liberty, in behalf of the Committee of the Wesleyan Missionary Society, of addressing your Lordship on the following subject:—

Our Committee are sending out missionaries to establish a mission on a part of New Zealand not far from the Bay of Islands, to promote Christianity and civilization among the savages in that country. The Committee also wish to send out articles of household furniture for the missionaries, and various implements of agriculture for the use of themselves, and the natives which they may employ; and we are directed to request the favour of being permitted to ship on board one of the transports now fitting out for New South Wales fifteen tons of the above mentioned goods, to be landed at Sydney, from which place the Committee will direct them to be sent to New Zealand.

We have, &c.,

John Burdsall, Jos. Taylor, Richd. Watson,

Secretaries. The Right Honourable Earl Bathurst, &c., &c.