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Historical Records of New Zealand

Rev. S. Marsden to Governor Brisbane

Rev. S. Marsden to Governor Brisbane.

Parramatta, June 28th, 1823.


When the Revd. Mr. Williams arrived in the Lord Sidmouth he brought me a requisition from the Church Missionary Society in which they solicit me to visit New Zealand to settle their affairs belonging to that mission, provided I could obtain Your Excellency’s leave of absence for a short time. I have now to request Your Excellency’s sanction for me to proceed to New Zealand as soon as I can obtain a vessel for the purpose. The Rev. Thos. Hassall will officiate for me during my absence, which I hope will not exceed three months.

I have, &c.,

Samuel Marsden.

His Excellency Governor Sir Thos. Brisbane, &c., &c.

Letter indorsed on Foregoing.

The Governor has pleasure in acceding to your request for three months’ leave of absence from Parramatta to visit the Church Missionary establishment in New Zealand.