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Historical Records of New Zealand

Rev. B. Carvosso to General Secretaries, Wesleyan Mission House

Rev. B. Carvosso to General Secretaries, Wesleyan Mission House.

Windsor, New South Wales, July 15th, 1822.

Respected and dear Brethren,—

Before Mr. Leigh sailed for New Zealand he was single in his opinion against the brethren, that no artificers should accompany the missionaries in the South Sea Missions. But he is now of another mind, as he has written to the managing committee at Sydney to send him two mechanics! But I doubt page 583 his request cannot be complied with, as mechanics in general are very scarce; suitable ones cannot be found, and nobody appears willing to venture on such a speculation. Had Brother Leigh used his influence before he left the colony he would probably have succeeded according to his wishes, as pious sympathy is a powerful motive on such occasions; but I fear he will now be disappointed. I do not know a single individual who has the necessary qualifications for the work, and who appears at all likely to enter on such a dangerous enterprise. Brother Lawry has also taken with him 8 cows, a bull, and 6 sheep to remain on the island for breeding: these were presented by His Excellency the Governor, out of the Government stock of this colony.

I am, &c.,

B. Carvosso.

General Secretaries, Wesleyan Mission House.