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Historical Records of New Zealand

James Downie to Earl Bathurst

James Downie to Earl Bathurst.

London, 15 Duke Street, Adelphi, 21st March, 1822.

My Lord,—

Previous to my sailing from Port Jackson on the 25th of July last His Excellency Governor Macquarie informed me on take [taking] charge of his public despatches and the emms that he recommended me strongly to Your Lordship. On coming to London I took the liberty of sending in my name, supposing Your Lordship might be disposed to ask some questions about New Zealand, where I have been twelvemonths nearly, searching for such a quality of timber as I thought fit for topmasts for line of battle ships. In this, after suffering many privations and hardships, I succeeded, and brought home a cargo fit for the purpose. During our long stay in the River Thames, and constant intercourse and traffic with the natives, we had not a single skirmish with them, and parted good friends, wishing on their part that a few Europeans should be left behind with each of their tribes and settle among them. On the west side of the river there are thousands of acres of rich land, nearly level as far as the eye can reach, almost ready for the plough.

I have, &c.,

Jas. Downie.