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Historical Records of New Zealand

Government And General Orders

page 429

Government And General Orders.

1st December. 1813.

No ship or vessel shall clear out from any port within the territory for New Zealand, or any other island in the South Pacific, unless the master if of British or Indian, or the master and owners if of plantation registry, shall enter into bonds with the Naval Officer, under £1,000 penalty, that themselves and crew shall properly demean themselves towards the natives, and not commit acts of trespass on their gardens, lands, habitations, burial-grounds, tombs, or properties, and not make war, or interfere in their quarrels, or excite any arimosities amongst them, but leave them to the free enjoyment of their rites and ceremonies; and not take from the island any male native without his own, his chief’s, and parents’ consent, and shall not take from thence any female native without the like consent, and without having first obtained the consent of His Excellency the Governor, or his Secretary, in writing; or in case of shipping any male natives as mariners, divers, &c., then, at their own request at any time to discharge them, first paying them all wages, &c., due to them. And the natives of all the said islands being under His Majesty’s protection, all acts of rapine, plunder, piracy, murders, or other outrages against their persons or property will, upon conviction, be severely punished.