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Historical Records of New Zealand

(No. 3.) — The Deposition of James Besent, relative to the Loss of the Parramatta, Schooner

(No. 3.)
The Deposition of James Besent, relative to the Loss of the Parramatta, Schooner.

Being duly sworn before Revd. Saml. Marsden, one of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace, deposes: That he arrived in March, 1812, at the Bay of Islands, in the King George (a ship belonging to Port Jackson); that he resided on the island twelve months, and that during his residence there he received the following account relative to the loss of the Parramatta, schooner: That the Parramatta, schooner, after leaving Port Jackson, put into the Bay of Islands in distress for want of provisions and water. The natives supplied them with pork, fish, and potatoes, as many as the vessel could stow. After the schooner had received her refreshments the natives waited to be paid for them. The people belonging to the schooner threw the natives overboard, and fired at them, and immediately weighed anchor. Deponent saw three of the natives who had been wounded with small shot by the crew of the Parramatta, schooner. A heavy gale of wind coming on immediately, which set into the harbour, blew the vessel on shore between Cape Brett and Terras district, where the remains of the wreck page 424 laid when the deponent was at New Zealand. After the vessel was wrecked the natives revenged themselves on the crew for firing at them and defrauding them of their provisions, and cut them all off.