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Historical Records of New Zealand

His Majesty’s Store Ship Dromedary, at sea, December 15th, 1820

page 488
His Majesty’s Store Ship Dromedary, at sea, December 15th, 1820.


The convicts named in the margin taken out of the General Gates, having been employed in the laborious service of getting a cargo of timber for His Majesty’s store ship under my command, on which their services were highly useful, and during a period of near eight months, behaved themselves so well that I feel it my duty to recommend their good conduct to the consideration of Your Excellency, from which, and the great temptations held out to them to escape, I earnestly hope Your Excellency will so far pardon their past offence as not to punish them.

John Lovett was employed with the seamen the whole time in the wood; Natl. Ewer and Thomas Lewe were particularly useful in trimming spars, both of whom unfortunately received a severe cut from the axe they were using. Ewer has recovered from his wound, but Lewe I regret to add still lingers under great pain, and will I fear lose the use of his ancle joint, if no worse consequence ensues. James Purcell is still very ill from a blow which he received from a capstern bar in heaving the timber out of the wood.

George Mason, a convict given up by the master of the merchant ship Cumberland to the Rev. J. Butler at the Bay of Islands, and sent by him on board for a passage to Port Jackson, has also behaved himself very well during the period he has been on board His Majesty’s store ship the Dromedary.

I beg leave to enclose a list of slop clothing, &c., issued to the bullock drivers and other convicts, and have to request Your Excellency will be pleased to direct proper receipts to be given for the same or the articles to be returned in kind.

I have, &c.,

R. Skinner,

Master Comg.