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Historical Records of New Zealand

Extract: Despatch From Earl Bathurst To Govr. Macquarie

Extract: Despatch From Earl Bathurst To Govr. Macquarie.

9th April, 1816.

I Have had much satisfaction in observing from Mr. Marsden’s account of his residence in New Zealand the improved state of civilization of the natives of that country. The presents which you gave to the chiefs who visited that island have been entirely approved, as tending to conciliate them to British interests, and to secure a more favourable reception in the island to those of His Majesty’s subjects who may be disposed to settle or trade there.

The plan of an exclusive trading company to New Zealand submitted in your Dispatch No. 7 is one which I am not disposed to recommend to His Royal Highness’s sanction, since I see no advantage likely to result from it in a public point of view which would not be considerably enhanced by the trade being open to competition. If any set of merchants conceive that their own interests will be best consulted by erecting in that island a factory and a permanent mercantile establishment they are certainly at liberty to commence such an undertaking, provided that they obtain the consent of the natives.

I have, &c.,