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Historical Records of New Zealand

Endorsement in Governor Macquarie’s Handwriting

page 315

Endorsement in Governor Macquarie’s Handwriting.


Altho’ the Govr. deems it irregular to permit any ship or vessel discharging cargo at a private wharf, and is therefore unwilling to sanction such a practice; yet in consideration of what Mr. Birnie has stated in respect to the necessity of dispatching the ship Mary Ann with all possible expedition to the fishery, the Govr. is pleased in this particular instance to permit that ship to be hauled alongside the wharf of Messrs. Campbell & Co., and to land the whole of her cargo there, with the exception of her wines and spirits, which must be landed at the public wharf and deposited in the bonded store until sold, the Wharfinger and Govt. Ganger searching the ship to ascertain that no wines or spirits (excepting ship stores) remain on board, previous to the rest of the cargo of the Mary Ann commences to be landed.

L.M. Sydney, 14th Aug., 1812.