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Historical Records of New Zealand

Government and General Orders

Government and General Orders.

Government House, Sydney, Saturday, 12th November, 1814.

The Reverend Samuel Marsden, Principal Chaplain of this territory, having solicited permission to proceed by the brig Active to New Zealand, for the purpose of endeavouring to effect a friendly intercourse with the natives of that country, and promoting the benevolent views of the Church Missionary Society, by introducing among those natives the knowledge of the Christian religion and the arts of civilized society; and His Excellency the Governor giving due consideration to the importance of the objects which may by these means be effected, is pleased to grant Mr. Marsden leave to proceed (by such opportunity as he may choose to embrace) on the object of his mission to New Zealand, and to be absent from hence for four months from the date of his departure.

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The Reverend Benjamin Vale, Assistant Chaplain, is to proceed forthwith to Parramatta, and to perform the clerical duties there until the return of Mr. Marsden from New Zealand, or till further orders.


His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. Thomas Kendall (missionary) to be one of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, and throughout the islands of New Zealand, and those immediately contiguous thereto. Mr. Kendall is therefore to be respected and obeyed as such throughout the said islands and places.

J. T. Campbell,