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Historical Records of New Zealand

King’s Policy

page 269

King’s Policy.

My aim has been the prosperity of this colony, and giving a permanent security to the real interests of its inhabitants as far as lay in my power. I do not, nor cannot, expect to have satisfied every person. That, I have ever known, is in a great measure incompatible with a faithful discharge of duty. To receive the approbation of the good and honorable part of society has been and ever will be my ambition. If proofs had ever been advanced that my opinions and conduct were improper, and communicated without rancour, I should have considered myself much indebted to the man who would have convinced me of my mistake in a proper or friendly manner; but on the contrary, scurrility and abuse, clothed with darkness and assasination. have served instead of argument. My friends I therefore hope will not have a worse opinion of me for thinking such treatment beneath my resentment and unworthy of a reply.