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Historical Records of New Zealand

Sydney, New South Wales, 31st December, 1805

Sydney, New South Wales, 31st December, 1805.


* * * *

By the Buffalo, a chief of a very considerable district on the east side of New Zealand, and who had been carried to Norfolk Island in a whaler, came here on a visit.* As this person has always been spoken of in terms of the warmest gratitude by the commanders of the South Sea whalers, who have received every assistance from him and his people when they have touched there, I have caused every attention to be paid to him, and I make no doubt but the kindness he and that part of his family he brought with him have received here, and the presents he takes with him, will ensure that great advantage to our whalers. That page 259 I may be assured of no unpleasant accident happening to him on his return, I intend sending him home again in the Lady Nelson in about a month.

I am sorry to say that an American vessel, last from the Isle of France, Iaden with spirits, put in here on the old plan of wanting repairs and water. Coming last from that place I considered it my duty to examine a letter the commander had for a dealer here named Simeon Lord, who I learn’d had made a contract with the commander of a French vessel which came here in the short interval of peace in 1803, and had entered into some plan or agreement with the house of Merle, Cabot, & Co., of the Isle of France. The measure I have found it necessary to take in consequence of this discovery I shall detail by the Sydney.

Of the spirits brought by the American (which there is every reason to be assured was shipped in America), I have allowed six thousand gallons to be landed, and shall send the remainder from hence. No other consideration would have induced me to suffer this quantity at a time when there is an apparent scarcity of grain before us, but the general conduct of the inhabitants when I sent the vessel away which brought the fifteen thousand gallons from the house of Campbell & Co., at Calcutta, without permission, joined to the impolicy of refusing that indulgence at this season. The measures I have felt it my duty to adopt on that occasion to prevent the oppressive dealings that have occurred on those occasions I shall also detail by the Sydney.

It gives me pleasure to communicate the general good state of health, and the orderly behaviour of the greater part of His Majesty’s subjects in this territory and its dependencies.

I have, &c.,

Philip Gidley King.