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Historical Records of New Zealand


The following particulars of the three whalers, Britannia, Speedy, and Venus, lying in Sydney and mentioned here as having visited the New Zealand coast, are extracted from the Historical Records of New South Wales and placed upon record [The Editor]:—

Arrival, April 30, 1802; ship’s name, Speedy; master’s name, G. Quested; build, British; tons, 313; men, 24; where and when built, London, 1779; where and when registered, page 236 London, 1791; owners, Enderbys; cargo, 170 tons sperm oil.

Arrival, May 12, 1802; ship’s name, Britannia; master’s name, R. Turnbull; build, British; tons, 301; guns, 6; men, 24; where and when built, C. of Dorset, 1783; where and when registered, London, 1787; owners, Enderbys; cargo, 1,300 bar. oil.

Arrival, May 10, 1802; ship’s name, Venus; master’s name, B. Gardner; build, British; tons, 295; guns, 10; men, 24; where and when built, Deptford, 1788; where and when registered, London, 1800; owners, Champions; cargo, 550 bar. oil.

Their former movements to and from Sydney, compiled from the above source, were as follows [The Editor]:—

Speedy: Arrival, Jan. 1, 1801; cargo, 300 bar. oil; departure, Feb. 4, 1801; arrival, July 11, 1801; cargo, 72 tons oil; departure, Aug. 8, 1801.

Britannia: Arrival, Mar. 26, 1801; cargo, gen. merch.; departure, May, 1801; arrival, Oct. 19, 1801; cargo, 550 bar. oil; departure, Nov. 3, 1801.

Venus: Arrival, Sept. 16, 1801; cargo, gen. merch.; departure,. Oct. 13, 1801.