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Historical Records of New Zealand

Lieutenant-Governor King to Deputy-Commissary Clark

Lieutenant-Governor King to Deputy-Commissary Clark.

Mr. William Wright Bampton (late master of the Endeavour) having represented the distressed state of his people for provisions and some stores, which are necessary for the prosecution of his voyage to India, and as he informs me he can procure a person to lodge twelve hundred pounds of fresh pork in his Majesty’s stores in exchange for an equal quantity of salt beef, and that he has a quantity of salt which will be useful in curing Government’s pork, which he is willing to give as an equivalent return for the quantity of dholl required, and will pay any overplus in money:

On these conditions you will deliver him the salt beef out of the stores, and the dholl from that condemned by survey, with the stores as per margin,* taking a fair valuation of the worth of those articles, delivering to me original copies of the same, together with such money as may be given for the overplus value, to be applied by me to the purpose of purchasing grain and fresh pork.

For all which this shall be your order.

Given under my hand, at Sydney, on Norfolk Island, this 19th day of January, 1796.

Philip Gidley King.

* Two tons and a half of dholl; twelve hundred pounds of beef; three pieces of island canvas; one hundred pounds of nails; six hundred deck-nails; some ironwork, about seventy pounds weight; four pounds of thread.