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Historical Records of New Zealand

Capt. Vancouver’s Expedition.—Notes by Sir Joseph Banks — (Banks Papers)

Capt. Vancouver’s Expedition.—Notes by Sir Joseph Banks
(Banks Papers).


August.—Left the Cape; went to Dusky Bay; remained there three weeks; on the night of departure from thence parted company with the Discovery.

December 27.—Arrived at Metaire [Mattavai] Bay four days after the Discovery parted company.

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Stayed a month at Otaheite; were six weeks going to the Sandwich Islands; stayed ten days.

April 17.—Made the coast of America.

Aug. 28.—Anchored at Nootka, where the store-ship the Dædalus had arrived before. Mr. Hergest, Mr. Gooch, and one seaman had been cut off at Wohakoo.* Two years more will scarce complete the research to be done on the coast. Don Quadra, commandant of the Spaniards, is; he this day departs for New Spain, leaving a frigate in charge of the port. Vessels of all nations are in the port.


March 1st.—Arrived at Sandwich Islands. 16.— and wrote this letter from anchor. Explored the south-west side of New Holland from the Chatham’s, lat. 35° 63′ N., long. 116° 35 ½′ E. to termination; Island, lat. 34° 22′ S., long. 122° 08 ½′ E. Discovered an excellent port in 35° 05′ 30 ″, 118° 14′ 13 ″, consisting of a spacious and well-sheltered sound with two harbours—King George III Sound. Sailing round the south promontory of New Zealand, discovered a cluster of small rocky islands, seven in number, extending about three leagues, bearing from S. Cape S. 40, W. 19 leagues, lat. 48° 33′ S., long. 166° 20′ E., called the Snares. Discovered an island, named Oparo, lat. 27° 36′ 30 ″, long. 215° 57′, inhabited by South Sea people. The Chatham discovered an island, 43° 48′ S. 1., 183° 2′ E., and sailed nearly in an E. direction for 12 leagues along the north side of it; called it Chatham Island. Discovered another in lat. 23° 42′, long. 212° 54′; called it Broughton’s Isle. From Owhyhee they called at Woaho, and on their arrival at Altowai did not find the store-ship. At Altowai were three Englishmen left by an American vessel to collect sandalwood and pearls. During their absence of twenty months the natives treated them well, but they told C. Vancouver that Trassa had captured Metcalf’s schooner and killed all the men but one, who is believed to be residing at Owhyhee, and that Oio, King of Altowai, had attempted an American brig. The letter was left with these men. Every person on board the vessels, except Neal Coyle, a private marine, who died 8th Sept. last, are well.

* See Lieutenant Menzies’ account, post p. 143.

Blank in manuscript.