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Historical Records of New Zealand

Norfolk Island, 9th November, 1793

Norfolk Island, 9th November, 1793.

Dear Sir,—

By your brother * I am enabled to send this, which, with the accompanying despatches and the information he will be able to give, will I hope be satisfactory. I have made your brother walk every inch over the island; therefore he knows all about it. To my publick letter and to him I beg to refer you for every information respecting this I’d, &c. If it should be thought necessary to settle N.Z., and I should happen to be the person fixed on, I hope my family, which is now growing numerous, will be considered.

Will it not be possible for my agent to receive my pay ? I have no opportunity of getting certificates from Major Grose, as all the vessells which touch here are homeward bound.

I wish much to have certain instructions respecting pur-chasing maize and swine’s flesh from settlers, &c., as at present I am in the dark and doing it on my own head, which I shall continue untill I receive directions to the contrary.

Two or three hundred more men could be very advantageously employed here. Enough flax ready for spinning might be pro-cured from Eaheinomane to clothe all the inhabitants of N.S.W., for trifles such as axes, hoes, and carpenters’ tools, knives, and good lead.

As your brother will tell you all about us, I shall conclude this with my sincere wishes for your health, and am, with best respects to Mrs. Nepean,

Dear Sir, &c.,

Phillip Gidley King.

* Captain Nepean.

Eaheinomanive, the native name of the north island of New Zealand.