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Historical Records of New Zealand


Furnish Mr. M. [Menzies] with such proportion of the trade for Indians entrusted to his charge as may enable him to hire the assistance [of] the Indians as guides and to carry his luggage, and to induce them to give him such information as he may want from them.

That the plant-hatch be put under his care and direction, and that neither lumber or dogs the property of any person be put in it.

That he be allowed his share of the conveniences of the gunroom in point of store-rooms, &c., &c.

Assist him with boats when they can be spared from the duty of the ship.

Assist him with men and any such heavy luggage as he may have occasion to bring on board, particularly earth for his plants, as well as the plants themselves.

Take on board water for the plants in such quantities as shall be found necessary for the support of the plants on the requisition of Mr. M. [Menzies].

To be appointed surgeon of the Discovery, which he understands is intended to bear two mates.

To occupy the cabbin on board her which was intended for him as naturalist.

To receive £80 a year as a salary.

To have an assistant, who is to receive £20 a year able pay and ship’s provision.

To obey such instructions as he shall receive relative to an investigation of the natural productions, comparative fertility, manners of natives of the countries he is to visit, &c.

To deliver his journal to his employers on his return, provided that if it is thought proper for publication he shall be allowed to publish it for his own benefit.

Given to Mr. Nepean, Decr. 15, 1790. 22nd, he told me Ld. G.* had agreed to the whole proposition, and ordered a letter to be wrote to Mr. Martin, to request the appointment of surgeon for Mr. M.