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Historical Records of New Zealand

Captain Vancouver to Under Secretary Nepean

Captain Vancouver to Under Secretary Nepean.

Discovery, in Simon’s Bay, Cape of Good Hope, 17th July, 1791.


I have the pleasure to inform you that on the tenth of this month we arrived in this bay in perfect health. Indeed, the whole of our people seem to enjoy that blessing in an infinite superior degree than on our departure from England. We have found the Discovery to answer in every respect equal, and in some instances beyond, our expectations. In the Chatham we have not been so fortunate, as she is neither so comfortable at sea, nor doth she sail at all equal to what was expected, being much inferior in those points to the Discovery. We are recruiting our provisions and refitting the vessels with all possible dispatch, and I trust in about a fortnight shall be able to proceed on our voyage. I shall, however, at that period do myself the pleasure of again addressing you; I only now take the opportunity of the departure of the Warren Hastings of informing you of our arrival, and that I had the pleasure of finding here the Gorgon, with Captain Parker and Captain King. The former sailed on Friday from this bay, and, I believe, to-day arrived in Table Bay, in order to take in the live stock and such of the Guardian’s remaining stores as she could conveniently stow, in order to save the expence of page 132 transporting them from Cape Town hither, which is very exorbitant. The Active, Queen, Albemarle, Barrington, and Britannia, Port Jackson transports, are here, and will be able to take with them all the remaining part of salt meat of the Guardian’s cargo. The Gorgon takes her cable and such of the refuse of stores as will remain. It is at present in contemplation to settle and close the accounts of that unfortunate business.

At the eve of our departure I shall write you fully respecting ourselves, until when I beg leave to say,

I have, &c.,

Geo. Vancouver.