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Historical Records of New Zealand

Lord Howe* to Lord Sydney

page 45

Lord Howe* to Lord Sydney.

Admiralty, 26th Dec., 1784.

I Return, my dear Lord, the papers you left with me to-day, which are copies only of the former sent to me on the same subject on Friday evening.

Should it be thought advisable to increase the number of our settlements on the plan Mr. Matra has suggested, I imagine it would be necessary to employ ships of a different construction. Frigates are ill adapted for such services. I conceive that ships of burthen to contain the various stores, provisions, implements, &c., wanted for the first colonists meant to be established there, and composing the chief part of the company of the ship, should be provided for the purpose, tho’ an armed vessel of suitable dimensions might be previously appointed to inspect and fix on the preferable station for forming the intended establishment. The length of the navigation, subject to all the retardments of an India voyage, do not, I must confess, encourage me to hope for a return of the many advantages in commerce or war which Mr. M. Matra has in contemplation.

I am, &c.,


* Admiral Howe, First Lord of the Admiralty.

Matra’s proposal.