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Historical Records of New Zealand

Extract of Rev. S. Marsden’s Last Letter to the Church Missionary Society

Extract of Rev. S. Marsden’s Last Letter to the Church Missionary Society.

Parramatta, April 26, 1838.

Dear Sir,—

* * * *

I have wished for some time to pay another visit to New Zealand, but I have been very unwell, and not able to preach in my church, and am still weak and feeble. My eyes are dim with age. being now upwards of seventy years old. It will be a great gratification to me to visit New Zealand once a year, as well as to the missionaries.…Mr. Bobart is doing my duty, and I pay him his salary. Government allow him nothing. Mr. Bobart is married to one of my daughters. Mr. Bobart is a page 729 man of a weak constitution, and is not suited to a savage nation; he is very useful in my parish, and much approved by the inhabitants. I have now been appointed as chaplain to N. S. Wales upwards of 45 years, since the 1st day of January, 1793 (forty-five years), and I now feel my strength perfect weakness.…I am not able to preach in the church; my eyes are very dim; it is with difficulty I can read or write; you must therefore excuse my errors. I mentioned this in the former part of this letter. I have an intention to visit the missionaries in New Zealand if my strength will permit.

I remain, &c.,

Samuel Marsden.

Mr. D. Coates.