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Historical Records of New Zealand

Rev. S. Marsden to Rev. D. Coates

Rev. S. Marsden to Rev. D. Coates.

Parramatta, 13th May, 1834.

Dear Sir,—

As I have an opportunity to write a few lines by Sir Edward Parry, I embrace it. From the last accounts we had from New Zealand a short time ago the missionaries and families were all well. I expect you will have heard of the arrival of the page 719 Archdeacon in England before this reaches you. I flattered myself the mission in New Zealand would have met with his support; but he took offence at some part of the Revd. William Yate’s conduct, and withdrew his name and support from the corresponding committee, and left us to do as we liked. Sir Edward Parry knows what gave offence to the Archdeacon. The Rev. Mr. Yate is a very pious man, and labourious missionary. New Zealand is now visited by a great number of ships, and several Europeans are settling there, which will increase the difficulties to the missionaries. However, they are every where on good terms with the natives.…

I must admire the piety and zeal of Sir Edward Parry and his lady; they are true friends to the Gospel, and have done all in their power to promote the cause of religion in the important station which Sir Edward fitted in N. S. Wales. I pray that the Divine blessing may preserve and prosper them whither they go. Sir Edward is in possession of the reasons the Archdeacon withdrew from the corresponding committee. Perhaps you may see Sir Edward, and he will give you his opinion of the Rev.

I remain, &c.,

Samuel Marsden.

Mr. Yate. D. Coates, Esq.