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Historical Records of New Zealand

Rev. S. Marsden to Rev. E. Bickersteth

page 715

Rev. S. Marsden to Rev. E. Bickersteth.

Parramatta, 7th Octr., 1830.

Revd. Sir,—

I have in former letters stated to you my objections to making Paihea the principal station. It is a necessary and important one as a check to the shipping, as it may be considered the chief seaport in New Zealand; but I could not view it in the same light that the Revd. H. Williams did; and on that point we differ. We were also of a different opinion with respect to Rangihoua. Mr. W. thought it should be relinquished; I could not see one reason for this, but many against it; and I think Mr. W. will agree with me in time.…I am very glad that the Revd. Mr. Brown is going to Keri-Keri to open the school for the education of the missionaries’ children. When in N. Zealand I urged this measure much upon the Revd. Mr. Williams for the sake of the children; but our views were at variance on this subject. My chief reasons were that your Committee could not approve of three clergymen being stationed at Paihea. There was no house for the Revd. Mr. Brown, nor any accommodation for the children, where they could be lodged and educated there; and to provide proper accommodations would take a long time to build them, and would be attended with a very heavy expense; while at Keri-Keri there was a good house, and every accommodation could be made in the long house built in Mr. Butler’s time, which would be at liberty when Mr. Clarke removed to Waimate. Besides, Keri-Keri would be in the very centre of all the mission stations, so that their children could be visited by their parents with much more convenience than at Paihea. I am glad to learn that they have mutually settled this amongst themselves since I left them. I am sure the measure will give general satisfaction to all parties and to your Committee. The Christian world would not have been satisfied with three ordained clergymen living at one station, while two stations had none. The Revd. Mr. Yate going to Waimate and Mr. Brown to Keri-Keri will remove all difficulties upon this head.

I remain, &c.,

Samuel Marsden.