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Historical Records of New Zealand

Rev. S. Marsden to Rev. D. Coates

Rev. S. Marsden to Rev. D. Coates.

page 710
Sydney, August 4th, 1830.

Dear Sir,—

On my return from N. Zealand I received your letter with my account. The balance against me was £844 9s. 6d. Towards the payment of this sum I now enclose a bill drawn by the Revd. Dr. Land for £418 13s. 4d. I paid also to Robt. Campbell, Esq., £425 16s. 2d.—£844 9s. 6d. These sums balance the account. The Revd. Dr. Lang will wait on you, after his arrival, to retire his bill.

After Mr. Lisk left the seminary I paid on account of the Society to Mr. Campbell £450, part payment of what I received on account of the seminary. The Rev. Mr. Wilkinson informs me that his father has been instructed some months ago to repay to you the £200 which was advanced to him, and he has no doubt but the money has been paid. Should this be the case, you will give me credit for the £200, which will make up 650. I would have paid more at present, but my expenses in visiting New Zealand have been more than I expected. I expected to have obtained a passage back to Port Jackson in the King’s ship, but in this hope I was disappointed. The vessel in which I went down in was to have called for me again on her return if I did not get in the King’s ship; but she was blown off the coast, and bore away to N. S. Wales, which obliged me to remain longer in N. Zealand, and at last I was compelled to write to the west side for a vessel to come for me to the Bay of Islands, which increased my expenses. I shall pay over to Mr. Campbell as soon as convenient the balance due to the Society from the money advanced on account of the seminary.

I need say nothing about the mission, as the Society will receive full information by this conveyance.

I remain, &c.,

Saml. Marsden.

P.S.—Revd. Dr. Lang will return to Port Jackson when he has settled his business in London. He will be heard of at Mr. Abrn. Birnie’s.