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Historical Records of New Zealand

Rev. N. Turner to Secretaries, Wesleyan Society

Rev. N. Turner to Secretaries, Wesleyan Society.

Sydney, New South Wales, February 10th, 1827.

Kevd. and dear Sir,—

I just write to inform you that by the mercy of God we are safely arrived here. In the Bay of Islands I wrote you at some length, giving you the particulars of our afflicted and trying situation, and of my intention to sail for the colony with my family immediately. At the time I wrote to you, it was thought best for my brethren to remain with the friends of the Church Mission in New Zealand untill they heard from the colony; but it was afterwards thought by all that they ought to proceed with me without delay.

We have been 13 days on our passage, and upon the whole our voyage has been agreeable, considering the characters with whom we sailed. Time will not now allow me to give you any particulars relative to our voyage, &c., &c. And you will not be surprised when I inform you that I feel almost incapable of writing or anything else, from the powerful effect that our late distressing affairs have had upon my mind. I hope, however, now soon to get my strength, both of body and mind, renewed. page 668 Our brethren and all friends here sincerely sympathize with us, and think we have done perfectly right in coming to the colony. As it is likely that another vessel will shortly be sailing for England, I shall endeavour to write you therefore more particularly by her.

Hoping to be guided by unerring Providence in my future path, and begging an interest in your prayers,

I remain, &c.,

Nathaniel Turner.

To the Secretaries of the Missionary Society, London.