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Historical Records of New Zealand

R. Torrens to Downing Street

R. Torrens to Downing Street

North End, Fulham, June 27th, 1826.

Dear Sir,—

I understand that the shipowners connected with the trade and fisheries of the South Seas have presented to Earl Bathurst a very earnest memorial, praying that a small protecting force may be stationed in the Northern Island of New Zealand, and that Lord Bathurst has referred the matter to Mr. Huskisson, who has reported favourably upon it.

In the event of this force being sent to New Zealand, I should be exceedingly desirous of obtaining the command of it. I have bestowed no inconsiderable portion of attention on the subject of colonization, and I am impressed with the conviction that were I entrusted with the authority I seek I should be able to make those preliminary arrangements which, should the Island of New Zealand prove of the importance which the shipowners suppose, would allow of their being colonized on an extensive scale without entailing upon Government the heavy expenditure which new settlements have in most instances involved.

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For the purpose which the shipowners contemplate in their memorial two hundred marines would be amply sufficient, and they might be stationed in New Zealand as cheaply as they are now stationed at Portsmouth or Plymouth.

With respect to myself, I do not desire that this command should be accompanied with any extra pay, salary, or emolument whatever. My only object in this application is to have such a selection of, and such an authority over, the defensive force to be sent to New Zealand as may enable me to give practical application to those sound principles of colonization which I conceive to be of vast and growing importance to this country.

I am, &c.,

R. Torrens. R. W. Horton

, Esq., M.P.