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Historical Records of New Zealand


Governor Darling To Earl Bathurst.

New South Wales, Government House, 4th March, 1826.

My Lord,—

I have the honor to transmit to Your Lordship the accompanying copy of the proceedings of the Board appointed to investigate the claim of Mr. Busby, the Mineral Surveyor, for remuneration for his services in proceeding to New Zealand, and recovering the Government brig Elizabeth Henrietta, which was stranded on that island, and I have in consequence granted a warrant for the payment of three hundred pounds sterling to Mr. Busby, of which I hope Your Lordship will approve.

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2nd. I have not thought it necessary to forward Mr. Busby’s memorial, as the proceedings of the Board point out the grounds on which the remuneration was recommended.

3rd. I understand Mr. Busby is not satisfied with the award, but I have not felt myself justified in exceeding the sum recommended by the Board, though I am fully sensible of the zeal which Mr. Busby (who was employed eight months) manifested on this occasion, in voluntarily subjecting himself to the fatigue and privations necessarily attendant on such an undertaking, and of his skill, by which the vessel was saved, after the failure of His Majesty’s ship Tees.

4th. From the conversations I have had with Mr. Busby I am satisfied his services may be rendered extremely advantageous to the colony, and I shall not fail to avail myself of his assistance as soon as I can pay the necessary attention to those objects which appear to be within the line of his professions.

I have, &c.,

R. Darling.

To the Right Hon. the Earl Bathurst, K.G.

R. Darling to A. McLeay.

8th February, 1826.

Let the Board for General Purposes take into consideration the report on the claim set forth in the accompanying memorial of Mr. John Busby, Mineral Surveyor, for services rendered the Government, in proceeding to New Zealand and getting off the colonial brig Elizabeth Henrietta, which was stranded on that island in the month of February, 1824

R. Darling.

To the Colonial Secretary.
Board Room, 13th February, 1826.

The Board for General Purposes, having assembled in conformity with His Excellency the Governor’s minute, dated the 8th instant, No. 25, to consider on the remuneration claimed by Mr. Busby, Mineral Surveyor, for services set forth in his memorial dated the 9th ultimo, and having taken into consideration the circumstances of Mr. Busby’s volunteering on the occasion alluded to (a service totally unconnected with his official duties), considering also the length of time he was employed, the great danger and personal inconvenience to which he was exposed, together with the value of the vessel and the stores he saved, after the failure of the officers and crew of His page 658 Majesty’s ship Tees, and thus effecting the object which Government had in view in fitting her out, the Board beg leave to recommend that Mr. Busby should receive gratuity of three hundred pounds sterling in addition to his salary as Mineral Surveyor

William Stewart.Alex McLeay.H. Dumeresq.W. Wemyss.W. Tethgon.


R. Darling.